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Components & Process

The following describes the general study components that will be completed to assess and make recommendations for the airport's physical and operational needs. Throughout the study process, community input is encouraged and valued. Opportunities for formal involvement will be announced by email, the news media and this website.​

BJJ Airport from afar

What is the Master Plan Update Process?

During the study, the Commissioners, the Airport, and Consultant team will be perform the following tasks, building a plan for future improvements and development. The study committees and community will be involved throughout this process.

  • Inventories will be taken of airport facilities, operations data, land use and community data, and environmental conditions.

  • Forecasts of aviation demand will be developed for BJJ to address the future role of the airport, airport classification, based aircraft, and operations

  • Capacity and Facility Requirements will be analyzed to determine the needs for the airfield, terminal area, support facilities, and parking.

  • Airport Development Concepts will be identified for improvements to each component of the airport.

  • An Environmental Overview will review and analyze potential development impacts such as noise, land use, and environmental conditions.

  • Airport Plans will be updated to reflect the study recommendations. These include the Airport Layout Plan, Terminal Area Plans, Runway Approach and Airspace Plans.

  • Capital Improvement Plan will be developed for the Recommended Development Program.

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